Peakview Ave. Fuel Spill

At 1:26 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, Local members responded to 11755 E. Peakview Ave. in Centennial for a reported large fuel spill. After a semi truck was positioned to tow a trailer, the unoccupied vehicle rolled across an open parking lot and struck an unoccupied Ford Mustang in a parking space. The collision forced the Mustang into a drainage culvert and the semi came to rest on a cement curb. The curb ruptured a fuel tank, resulting in a 60-gallon diesel spill which flowed into the storm water system. Members secured the area, established a water supply, and deployed a hose line in case a fire ignited. Initial members took immediate action to prevent more fuel from flowing into the waterway while the Hazardous Materials Team was responding. Upon their arrival, Hazmat personnel worked to absorb all the fuel they could, and the Fire Marshal’s Office worked with the local Water Department to coordinate clean up. Rescue 34 was special called to the scene to stabilize the truck, making it safer for Hazmat personnel to drill holes in the fuel tanks and siphon the remaining liquid out. The operation took a couple hours to complete and thankfully no injuries or fire occurred.

Incident Photos